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Outsourced BD and Marketing Consultants

Expertise you can call on.
Delivered onsite and virtually .

Many professional services firms looking to grow need an experienced BD & Marketing Director and experienced BD and Marketing resources. This expertise, on a full-time basis, can be expensive and hard to find. While some firms may not yet be able to hire a full-time BD & Marketing Director, they recognise that they still definitely need one.

Our outsourced consultancy services provide you with a solution to this problem. You get regular access to an experienced resource, who will create, oversee and deliver a clear and actionable BD & Marketing plan. The organisation benefits by having this expertise they can call on, without the burden of having to commit to a salaried employee.

Types of outsourced services

Vitrual BD & Marketing Director.png

Virtual BD & Marketing Director

We’ll set out and agree the delivery plan, manage stakeholders to deliver content to agreed timelines, and ensure your document is produced and delivered on time.

Marketing Plan Creation and Delivery.png

Marketing Plan Creation and Delivery

We write your response in full and provide all the graphic design elements you need. We’ll manage the process and the design services will be delivered through our partner organisations

Marketing & Sales Campaign Delivery.png

Marketing & Sales Campaign Delivery

After we agree your key messages, we will write an effective Executive Summary that puts your client and winning messages clearly upfront in your response.

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