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The BD Ladder’s mission is to help experts and professionals who need to market and sell their services, but whose passion is in their own expertise, not sales and marketing.


Our passion is in sales and marketing. We aim to provide simple step-by-step sales and marketing advice which enables our clients to grow their revenue smoothly and most importantly their profits. Through our consultancy services, we provide expertise so that our clients have more time to focus on their professional passions.

It is our aim to build the understanding and confidence of our clients so that they can communicate more effectively with their clients. A common phrase is that ‘people buy from people’.  This is true, but in fact, they only buy from those people whom they trust, those who take time to understand them fully.

We are dedicated to listening, understanding and helping our clients. It is our mission to help our clients achieve their full potential. We’ll only be able to do this by taking the time to understand your business thoroughly, your target markets and even more critically, understand what dreams or ambitions you all have, as individuals.

We look forward to providing some simple step-by-step practical Business Development and marketing advice to professional services firms and those providing services in the B2B environment.

It is our mission to help our clients climb The BD Ladder of success.


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2023 Marketing and BD maestro in Law - Ben Paul Award
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NZ Lawyer -Service Provider 2022 award
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FeedSpot 25 Best Business Development Blogs- recognition

James Hughes, Technical Director, Tonking + Taylor

"Ben attended our strategic planning day as a guest presenter. In a short space of time, he grasped what our intent was and led an insightful and engaging discussion on the topics of personal and team brand, and the power of thought leadership within professional service firms. Highly recommended."
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