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Legal Services BD & Marketing

BD and Marketing tailored for the needs of lawyers and law firms.

Many law firms have grown over the years through the strength of relationships of a few key Partners or Directors. These rainmakers have often had enough natural sales ability to be able to bring in enough work to sustain a practice and even a firm.

However, with the rise in competition from boutiques, alternative legal providers and external factors such as the widespread use of AI, this model is no longer sufficient to maintain and grow a successful legal services firm.

However, the nuances of this industry mean that traditional sales and marketing agencies are not the answer. Our in-depth legal industry experience is geared to helping your law firm grow. 

A clear BD & Marketing Strategy

Many law firms have grown on the strength of doing good work and then getting the next piece of work off the back of that. With increased competitors, this strategy no longer works.

Successful firms have a laser-sharp focus on who their target markets are and how they help these clients and prospective clients. They also understand who their competitors are and our they can differentiate from them.

A clear go-to-market strategy, ensures your marketing messages are consistent and that your fee-eaners have clear direction on how to engage with clients and prospects.

The strategy needs to have buy-in at the senior management and partnership level as well as across the wider firm to ensure that it is successful.

The NZ Law Firm Digital Footprint Report - 2023

Partner, Boutique Corporate and Commercial Law Firm.

“The BD Ladder has assisted us for some time now with our marketing and business development requirements. Ben’s in-depth knowledge of the Australasian legal market, and refreshing approach to marketing generally has been invaluable in that context.  His extensive experience within private practice enables him to readily understand our challenges and opportunities, and to provide insightful advice in a timely and constructive manner."

The Importance of BD for Lawyers 

All law firms and legal service providers need clients. This means that to have a sustainable practice lawyers need to be able to do effective Business Development.

Too often this BD is carried out sporadically or in a panic when the work has dried up. We work with firms and individual lawyers to develop a BD process and more importantly, a time-efficient BD habit, to create sustainable practices. 

Utilising our experience and through understanding of the nuance's of legal practitioners our BD advice is tailored to the needs of legal professionals.

BD and Personal Branding
for Lawyers

BD and Personal Branding for Lawyers

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