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Bid and Proposal Response Services for Professional Services.

Bid Writing and Proposal Response

Bid Writing and Proposal Response.
Deliver A Winning Bid/Tender Response.

It is highly likely that at some point, you will be asked to pitch for a job formally. To ensure success, you will need to work with experienced and highly skilled bid writers, bid managers and consultants who can help you with your proposal responses. Bid writing requires experience within your sector and pitching to the clients you want to win work from.


If you are faced with that ‘must-win’ bid, we are here to help. We have experience of having won hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work. We have written bids for law firms, engineering consultancies, architectural practices, construction companies, and accountancy firms to both the private sector and national and local government entities. 

The wins we have led and provided bid writing and proposal response services to have been in NZ, Australia, UK and many other global locations. 

If you’re looking to win your next RFP response and want the best bid writing and proposal response services that understand professional services. Get in touch with us today

Tracking Opportunities and Positioning early.

It is no real secret that most successful bidders win not solely because of the formal bid/tender response they submit. Instead, it is the work they have put in well before the tender was released to the market. Pre-positioning is essential.

If the key decision-makers don’t know you, your chances of success are almost non-existent. From the people issuing the formal RFPs (Request For Proposal) point of view, if you haven’t invested any time in getting to know them ahead of bidding for the work, why would they pick you when others have invested that time in them?

We can help you track potential opportunities and develop a relationship-building pipeline and wider marketing and communication activities to help you position early, as part of our proposal response services.

We’ll be straight with you from the outset. If we feel that other competitors are entrenched and your chances of success are low, we’ll tell you. Then we will either agree on a strategy to not respond to the RFP, one that builds a relationship with your client, or we’ll discuss how we might ‘change the game’ by trying a different way of winning the work

The Bid/No Bid Tool

Bid No Bid - RFP analysis tool - The BD Ladder

Bid writing, bid management and review services

Depending on the resources in your firm and the complexity of your bid response, we will tailor our services to deliver what you need, when you need it. We specialise in helping you deliver a response that is tied to your winning messages, and clearly answers the questions that have been asked. We’ll ensure that your bid response clearly references clear and concise examples. A short summary of the services offered is shown below

Bid Management.png

Bid Management

We’ll set out and agree the delivery plan, manage stakeholders to deliver content to agreed timelines, and ensure your document is produced and delivered on time.

Document Review Editing.png

Document Review/Editing

You take the lead, we’ll provide an agreed number of reviews and edits to make sure your response is clear, answers the brief given and conveys your key messages

Bid Writing.png

Bid Writing

We write your response in full and provide all the graphic design elements you need. We’ll manage the process and the design services will be delivered through our partner organisations

Pricing & Strategic Review.png

Pricing and strategic review

High-level feedback. Suggestions on how to improve the response, and some ideas on your pricing strategy and how to make it more compelling.

Executive Summary writing.png

Executive Summary Writing

After we agree your key messages, we will write an effective Executive Summary that puts your client and winning messages clearly upfront in your response.

Value Proposition for yor bid response.png

Value Proposition

We'll help you understand and uncover your winning messages. In short, understanding and articulating your value will help your response stand out.

Final Presentations

The dreaded beauty parade! At The BD Ladder we will utilise our years of experience in helping you deliver a winning conversation, rather than just reading out your proposal with accompanying PowerPoint slides.


The final presentation is really an interview where the client knows you have the skills to do the work, but they seek to understand if they want to, and will enjoy, working with you.


We’ll help you unlock your potential and deliver a final presentation that is well-rehearsed and helps you convey your winning messages

Final Bid Presentation discussion

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