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Delivering BD & Marketing talks.
For lawyers, accountants, engineers and all professional services.

Energising your audience with actionable insights.

Are you looking for speakers who can engage with accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, and anyone in professional services? Does your audience want to be entertained, but more importantly, leave the session with powerful insights and key takeaways that they can action?

Ben Paul delivers highly engaging and interactive sessions targeted at the professional services and B2B sectors. We cover a range of topics from networking and the business development basics, all the way through to personal branding and utilising AI effectively.

Types of Speaking Engagements

Depending on the resources in your firm and the complexity of your bid response, we will tailor our services to deliver what you need, when you need it. We specialise in helping you deliver a response that is tied to your winning messages, and clearly answers the questions that have been asked. We’ll ensure that your bid response clearly references clear and concise examples. A short summary of the services offered is shown below

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Conference Speaking

  • Presntations

  • Lightning Talks

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Panel Discussions

  • Chair/Panel Facilitator

  • Panel Guest 

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Partner/Firm Retreats

  • Presentations

  • Facilitation

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Interactive Workshops

  • Hands-on Group sessions

  • Exercise based workshop

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Meet Ben Paul - Conference and Events Speaker

Ben has spoken at many conferences and regularly delivers practical interactive training sessions to his clients. Annually, he facilitates a panel discussion at LawFest - the New Zealand legal technology and innovation conference of the year, as well as being a regular speaker with Legalwise, in Australia and New Zealand. Ben appears as a guest on many leading industry webinars and provides a yearly programme of short, targeted sessions for ACE New Zealand. To see a selection of Ben's external webinar appearances, click here.

Although Ben is based in Auckland, he is happy to travel to speak and has worked successfully in the UK and Australia.

Ben ensures that all sessions contain practical take-aways, and are above all, fun. This is why he is regularly sought after as a podcast guest.

You can listen to Ben's podcast appearances here.

You can watch Ben facilitating on stage at LawFest 2023 here.

Topics Covered

  • How to become a rainmaker

  • Effective BD tactics to tackle a shrinking economy and a competitive market

  • How to develop a BD habit, in the most time effective way

  • How firms can grow their revenue

  • How to use AI effectively to make your marketing and personal branding more efficient

Andrew King, Founder & Director, LawFest

"Ben is a fantastic speaker. We have grown our relationship with him over a number of years, as he has facilitated numerous panel discussions at LawFest. He is an expert at drawing out practical takeaways from our speakers, is always very responsive and easy to communicate with. It's also very refreshing to see Ben spend time networking and collaborating with delegates outside of his speaking commitments."
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