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Business Development and Marketing Strategy for Professional Services

BD & Marketing Strategy

BD & Marketing Strategy for Professional Services

In a competitive industry, it is difficult to stand out from your competitors. Many firms have either grown almost by chance or have very little idea of how they managed to attract new customers.

Digital marketing, alongside clear customer management and experience programmes, gives firms more certainty around where the work comes from and how to build a sustainable revenue pipeline.

Depending on where you and your firm are in your Business Development & Marketing cycle, we have a range of tools. These include consultancy services and workshops focused on developing your plan. From this, we’ll produce the strategy which will ignite your business growth.

BD and Marketing for Professional Services.

There is a lot of confusion within professional services firms, around what the difference between BD & Marketing is. 

CX or Customer Experience is now widely talked about within the industry. Again and essential tool, but it can also add to the confusion. However, having the right mix and focus on BD, Marketing and CX will help your firm have a sustainable revenue pipeline.

In short, Marketing develops and promotes your brand and services, creating and awareness platform for effective BD to take place. BD is any activity or initiative that directly generats income for your firm. CX is a focus on delivering an exceptional experience so yoru clients always come back and recommend you widely to others.  

BD, Marketing and CX in professional services firms infographic
BD and Marketing Health check.png

BD Health Check

  • Analysis of current state

  • Understanding -

    • Clients 

    • Markets

    • BD strategies

  • Recommendations

Content Marketing Plan.png

Content Marketing Plan

  • Anlsysis of channels

  • Content marketing plan created

Brand Strengthening for Professional Services.png

Brand Strengthening

  • Analysis of current marketing channels and messages

  • Message and brand refinement

  • Marketing plan

Key Client Programme.png

Key Client Programme

  • Analysis of key clients

  • Key client process rolled-out

  • Coaching of client teams

Leadership Team Alignment.png

Leadership team alignment

  • Leadership engagement

  • Leadership workshops and alignmenmt sessions

  • Top-down firm strategy created

Value Proposition for yor bid response.png

BD Delivery

Execution of firm plans

Stakeholder engagement

Tracked to agtreed KPIS

A clear client engagement process

All firms and practices need to have a clear winning work and retaining clients process. Our 6 stage process, puts you in control of your BD and marketing efforts. When we work with you, we will refine and create this process so it is tailored to your firm's needs and culture.

The Winning & Retaining Clients Process - infographic

Useful Tools and eBooks

Relevant Articles

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