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How Law Firms Create a Client-Centric Culture

Guest author Ben Cheok, Chief Operating Officer at Kudun & Partners.

How Law Firms Create a Client-Centric Culture

When it comes to creating a client-centric culture in law firms, the partnership plays a pivotal role in setting the ethos of client-centricity for all members of the firm. As a business development professional, it is a no-brainer that law firms must prioritize gaining a genuine understanding of their clients’ requirements and goals, only then we can tailor our services to meet those specific needs.

Thankfully, we have cultivated an environment that places great emphasis on comprehending our clients’ objectives, challenges, and the industries in which they operate. In today’s dynamic business landscape, merely offering legal advice is inadequate; instead, a more commercially-oriented legal approach is imperative due to the perpetual evolution businesses encounter.

Clients value our responsiveness and distinctly commercial attitude, as well as our passion for developing forward-thinking, innovative strategies and solutions that effectively address their distinct business exigencies.

While there are many strategies for building a client-centric culture, some key strategies we have adopted include:

  1. Building Personal Relationships: We value the importance of building personal relationships with our clients. Our attorneys go beyond purely legal matters and take a genuine interest in the clients’ businesses or personal goals. By fostering a sense of partnership, we become trusted advisors to our clients.

  2. Delivering Exceptional Service: Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service at every stage. Our lawyers are trained to provide timely, accurate, and practical advice while demonstrating empathy and understanding. Going that extra mile to anticipate and meet clients’ needs is part of the game.

  3. Proactive Communication: We believe in transparent and consistent communication with our clients. Law firms that are stalwart at being client-centric believe in keeping their clients in the loop at all times. We keep them diligently apprised of case progress, potential risks, and the legal options available to them. Being responsive and open to our clients’ questions and concerns ultimately builds trust and confidence, which is what won us Thailand’s Most Responsive Domestic Law Firm of the Year by In-House Community Firms of the Year, 2022.

  4. Empowering our legal team: A client-centric culture starts with engaged and empowered employees. A client-centric culture thrives when employees feel empowered and motivated. Law firms should encourage their team members, including lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, to take ownership of client relationships. This means empowering them to make decisions, contribute ideas, and go above and beyond to meet client needs. Whether it be our lawyers, paralegals, or billing personnel, we encourage our team members to take ownership of client relationships, foster creativity, and find innovative solutions. We do not restrict our team members from engaging with clients but rather encourage our team build personal relationships with them. We provide regular soft skill training and professional development programs to enhance their skills.

  5. Technology Integration: We embrace technology to enhance our clients’ experience. We leverage advanced tools and platforms to streamline communication, provide access to case updates, and facilitate efficient document management, such as our recent deployment of Imanage.

  6. Measuring Client Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement: We regularly measure client satisfaction to gauge the effectiveness of our client-centric initiatives. Client feedback, ratings, and testimonials help us identify areas for improvement and ensure we consistently deliver the highest level of service and exceed their expectations.

By adopting these approaches, we consistently nurture a client-focused environment within our law firm, ensuring we can deliver exceptional service, build long-term relationships, and serving as trusted advisors to our clients.


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