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The Key Client Action Planner

The Key Client Action Planner

A free downloadable spreadsheet, to help you track your internal team's BD activities and keep them on track

The Key Client Action Planner
Map and record your client relationship-building activities and keep your team accountable

The Key Client Action Planner is designed for those in professional services firms, to be able to keep on top of their BD and client relationship-building activities.

One of the reasons many key client programmes fail within organisations is that many of the internal meetings are not focused on driving actions, then recording them and finally holding people in the team accountable to them.

While not designed to replace a true CRM system, our free spreadsheet works as a tool for you to effectively work within client teams and also for those smaller professional services firms who don’t currently use a CRM system.

For any client relationship building activity to work, it is essential everyone in a client team understands their roles and also knows what actions they need to deliver before the next internal meeting.


Our free downloadable tool, allows you to do just that.

The Key Client Action Planner being used in a Key Client meeting

Benefits of the key client action planner

  • A clear ‘how to guide’ and a method to track your client relationships

  • Clear recording of key client notes and future opportunities

  • Key actions recorded against each individual team member across all accounts

  • An opportunity pipeline recorded against all key client accounts

  • And much more

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