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5 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Save Time on LinkedIn

5 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Save Time on LinkedIn

In the fast-paced and demanding world of professional services, time is a valuable commodity. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, and architects are constantly juggling tasks and responsibilities so finding the time to build a personal brand on LinkedIn is difficult.

One powerful tool that can help professional services practitioners and marketers be more efficient is Artificial Intelligence. AI has revolutionised the way we interact with the world around us and ChatGPT is a great example of that.

ChatGPT is one of the leading technologies that can help supercharge your marketing, LinkedIn, and content generation. You can use it to improve your profile, strategy, and create engaging/informative content, such as LinkedIn posts and blogs.

In this article, I’ll explore 5 ways ChatGPT can be leveraged to streamline your activities and enhance your LinkedIn presence – ensuring your all important messaging can be shared frequently and get seen by the right people.

How ChatGPT works

ChatGPT is an AI-generated chatbot tool developed by OpenAI. The tool is built on the GPT-4 architecture, which is essentially capable of processing and analysing massive amounts of data and is used to generate natural language responses to any given prompt or question.

The AI model has been (and continues to be) trained with vast amounts of data. The model is trained to understand the nuances of human language and provide natural language responses. ChatGPT can generate a response to any given prompt or question, making it a very versatile tool.

ChatGPT uses the latest advancements in natural language processing (NLP) to generate human-like text and uses a deep learning algorithm to learn from a vast database, allowing it to create text that is similar in style and tone to a person.

The tool relies on a neural network to predict the likelihood of any given word or phrase in a sequence of text. It then generates new text by selecting the most likely words or phrases to follow a given prompt or input.

Because ChatGPT has been trained on a massive dataset, including books, articles, and online content, it’s a versatile tool that can generate text on a wide range of topics. Thanks to its versatility, ChatGPT is ideal for content creation and optimising your LinkedIn presence – it can help you create engaging headlines, informative descriptions, and attention-grabbing CTAs.

5 ways you can use ChatGPT to save time on LinkedIn

1. Drafting Posts

Tonnes of time can be spent handwriting each LinkedIn post – particularly when you’re lacking inspiration. Fortunately, ChatGPT eliminates the need for manual writing and can generate relevant long-form and short-form posts in seconds.

To do this effectively, you’ll want to feed ChatGPT some relevant details about your post, and it will generate several unique and human-like responses to choose from. Even if you don’t use these word-for-word, they will help with first drafts and get your imagination working!

2. Strategy Advice

Ask ChatGPT for insights about what can be done to optimise your content and get better results. If you give it information about your firm, and your LinkedIn goals, ChatGPT will produce strategies to help you achieve these. For example, you could try using prompts like:

  1. “Create a 3-month LinkedIn strategy for my boutique law firm, that will help to increase my following and my post reach.”

  2. “Develop a content plan to increase the number of followers for my engineering firm on LinkedIn. What metrics should we track to measure success? How often should we post? What type of content should we focus on?”

3. Content Ideas

ChatGPT can make a great brainstorming partner. Again, give it some detail about your firm, brand, and service, and then ask some questions to help you generate content ideas. For example, after describing your firm/practice and target audience, you could use prompts such as:

  1. “What type of content would engage my target audience?”

  2. “What are some more creative ways our firms could showcase our services on LinkedIn?”

  3. “What sort of content can I post to increase my following and reach?”

4. Repurposing Content

How can you make the post of content you already have? It is not necessary to keep creating new content, as recycling/reformatting previous content can be very effective. ChatGPT is great tool for repurposing content into different forms, and for different audiences. For examples, you could ChatGPT to:

  1. “Write a long-form LinkedIn post that gives a synopsis of this article [insert your article].”

  2. “Turn this whitepaper into a short (1.5 minute) video script [insert whitepaper].”

  3. “Create a summary of the key points from my last webinar, and then plan a LinkedIn carousel.”

5. Optimising your profile and crafting engaging headlines

A complete and well-crafted LinkedIn profile is essential to make a strong impression on potential clients, employers and colleagues. LinkedIn is the number one personal branding platform, so think it as your very own website/landing page.

ChatGPT can help by generating compelling summaries, attention-grabbing headlines, and suggesting relevant key words. which all helps to highlight your unique value proposition.

By optimising your profile, you will get in front of the right people and become more visible to those searching for your expertise or services. For example, you could ask ChatGPT to:

  1. “Take my website bio and transform this into a LinkedIn ‘about’ section that highlights my strengths, and persuades my audience of the outcomes I can generate for my clients [insert strengths & outcomes].”

  2. “Take my CV and write my ‘experience’ section, with a focus on my achievements [insert CV].”

  3. “Based on the above information, please generate 10 headline options that communicate my role, and my value proposition.”

Conclusion: By learning how to leverage ChatGPT, professional services practitioners will use their time more effectively and get better results on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional services practitioners to build their personal brand, showcase expertise, and attract relevant connections and opportunities. By leveraging ChatGPT, you can improve and optimise your profile, and save time on LinkedIn to ensure you are getting the most out of your social media efforts.

If you need help with your personal branding on LinkedIn, check out our LinkedIn Profile Writing Services. We’ve also developed 3 personal branding guides, tailored specifically to lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects.


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