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Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 7 Article Round Up With Strategies for Success

Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 7 Article Round Up With Strategies for SuccessBuild Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 7 Article Round Up With Strategies for Success

You must have heard of personal branding by now… It’s a personal marketing strategy that can help to boost your professional brand. LinkedIn is the best place to start building it, because it’s a powerful platform for professional services.

Personal branding is all about curating the image you want to portray online, and the psychology behind it is simple. People will buy from people they trust, so when you build connections and authority as an expert in your field, people will more likely engage with you. This is because they feel like they’re buying from someone familiar.

On LinkedIn, being the best version of yourself is important, because you want people browsing your profile to receive a lasting positive impression.

To help you build your LinkedIn profile and ensure you’re getting the most out of your posts, we’ve put together our top 7 articles to help you navigate your personal brand with success

Professional Services Guide to Building a Strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn

20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2023, Jane Deehan, Senior Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn page is the foundation of your personal brand. The team at LinkedIn regularly add features to increase the capability as a personal marketing platform…Therefore, we thought it would be very fitting to share Jane’s insider perspective on the 20 steps you can take to build your profile today.

By working through these steps, even if it’s just over a few moments in the evenings or your lunch break, you’ll make progress quickly! Once you’re flexing the full advantages of your profile, you will be amazed at the difference it can make to you and your business.

15 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips to Make Your Profile Pop, Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People.

If you’re looking for some LinkedIn profile pointers, you’ve come to the right place. Vanessa has shared her best 15 LinkedIn tips so you can find new clients, get more profile views, and build an incredible network. There’s some extremely practical advice for you in this article, finishing off with a quick to-do list to get you moving!

Poor first impressions can be difficult to overcome… But by establishing a career identity for yourself that comprises your natural and best talents, you can distinguish yourself successfully. This is a very useful resource for anyone struggling to understand what their personal brand is.

Robin talks through how to find Brand You – which is based on the authentic, skilled, and genuinely unique person you are. Brand You is the essence of you as a person, which includes your work strengths, accomplishments, your image, passion, personality traits, along with others’ perceptions of you.

How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Personal Brand, Stefaine M. Marrone, Social Media Butterfly.

Stefanie is incredibly well versed at marketing professional services and has become a true LinkedIn expert! It’s never too late to start working on your LinkedIn, and this is just one of her many blogs and articles on how you can build your personal brand. We also recommend following her on LinkedIn for daily advice!

There’s a lot of different posting options for engaging your LinkedIn audience, and Brand Credential wants to help you out with that. They’ve shared 10 worthwhile content ideas to help you build your personal brand – my favourite is number 3: answering a common question in your industry.

So, when questions, trends, or controversial topics arise in your area, it’s your opportunity to weigh in and help people make sense of them!

Top 10 LinkedIn Metrics to Track in 2023, Laura Burducel, Social Insider.

Because LinkedIn has become so popular, it’s essential to keep track of your performance and look at the most important metrics. Analysing and learning from your metrics will help to keep you at the top of your game. Number 1 of course – and probably the most universally discussed metric – is engagement.

Engagement rates are the way to measure how people interact with the content that you publish and are key to the success of your professional services firm.

Lastly, I have included one of my own articles because it covers a very important topic – LinkedIn’s algorithm. By this point, we hope you’ve been persuaded to use LinkedIn for personal branding, that you’re profile is up to date, and that you are beginning to post more regularly.

If that is the case, you might be wondering how increase your reach, get more impressions, and increase your engagement rates… Knowing how the LinkedIn algorithm works can certainly help – so you can get more cut through in your connections’ newsfeeds, and gain the most out of your efforts.

Conclusion: Building a Strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn

We wanted to cover all the key components for you in this round up – like how to get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch, how to authentically identify and develop your personal brand, ideas for regular content posting, and how the algorithm works.

So now, it’s over to you! Start by sharing your passions, knowledge, and high-quality content – nailing your presence and your voice. We know it can be intimidating to put yourself out there on a professional platform like LinkedIn.

But, we can guarantee that you have a skillset, knowledgebase, and perspective that others are eager to learn from you about – so go forth!


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