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6 top tips for getting published for professional services 

6 top tips for getting published for professional services 

Why is it beneficial to be published externally?

Quite simply, it helps to position you as an industry expert.  The number of times you are published adds credibility and you will be viewed as an industry expert.  Others will look to you as a competent resource to address industry challenges, solve problems and provide market insights and tips. Which is why I’ve provided you with the 6 top tips for getting published for professional services.

What does it take to get published in your preferred publication (e.g., journal, industry publication)? It requires sustained effort.  It is generally known that writers who have been successful in getting their work published are the ones who have approached it as a job. That said, there are some basic things that you can do (in addition to working to improve your writing) to tip the odds of an acceptance in your favour. 

The 6 top tips for getting published

  1. Read the publications you are considering submitting to. Editors are not just looking for excellent work, they are looking for work that suits their taste, brand and readership. Do not waste your time and theirs, do your homework.  Keep a list of the publications and the editor’s contact details. 

  2. Grab the editor’s attention with a stellar opening. Your article may be amazing, but some editors will not read further if you do not grab them in the first few lines. 

  3. Carefully follow the guidelines for submissions and proofread your work. Unless the publication gives their own formatting guidelines, use the standard manuscript format (SMF). Do not give editors a reason to reject. Use your word processing programme’s spelling and grammar checker or consider an app like Grammarly, and then have a friend or colleague proofread it. 

  4. Include a cover letter (email) and keep it succinct. Address it to the editor and include the title of the piece or pieces that you are submitting. It is preferable if you can refer to a recent article from their publication that you particularly liked and why you consider that your piece would be a good fit. Also, not all publications request it, but it is good practice to include a short bio written in the third person after your letter. Provide examples of other work, if you have been published previously (do not give a complete list, name the three or four of the most prestigious publications). If you do not want to include a bio, you can incorporate the information in your cover letter, but this is not the place to talk about your piece, your thoughts on writing or your ambitions. Let your work speak for itself. Do not forget to proofread! 

  5. Be persistent, methodical, and polite. It is not uncommon to receive 30 rejections on a piece before you receive an acceptance. Keep a log of what, where and when you submitted—you can use a basic spreadsheet or a platform like Duotrope—and try to always have a piece under consideration at several publications (while respecting simultaneous submission policies).  When a piece is accepted, thank the editor, and make sure to immediately inform any other publications that might be considering it. If you receive a personalized rejection with feedback on your work, it is also good practice to thank the editor. 

  6. Do not give up. If at first you do not succeed, then try, try again. Read here about 6 famous authors who faced rejection 6 Famous Authors who once Faced Rejection, including JK Rowling, Stephen King and Agatha Christie. 

Conclusion – The 6 top tips for getting published

Follow the 6 top tips for getting published as outlined above, and you will have every chance of being published. If you struggle with ideas or bringing your ideas to life, then do not hesitate to contact our in-house copywriter, who is available to assist if you need any pointers. 

Now, go and get published!  There really is no better reward than seeing a good piece of work published, and once you have been published a few times, it builds momentum, and it is likely that editors will come to you based on your previous accomplishments. It really is an important part of building your brand and your credibility. So don’t delay, follow the 6 top tips for getting published for professional services today.


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